Koyuki Cosplay Juliet Police Dog Character

I got this Koyuki Cosplay Juliet Police Dog Character from cosrain.com, the photograph by Kojima (actually i am not sure about that) but mostly Koyuki cosplay photo was taken by kojima, so the Credits goes to: Kojima and Una, well...i really don't get what cosplay photo is this. its said its was cosplay from Animal Series Anime, and the character name is Julite Police Dog, but when i try to get information about this its no reasult, its still mystery anime for me xD, so anyone know what anime is this, please tell me and give comment >.<.

Whatever, though i don't know what cosplay is this, but i think Koyuki look great on this Koyuki Cosplay Juliet Police Dog Character cosplay costume, actually Koyuki always look great in every her cosplay photo, i don't know Koyuki was fit or not with the character she cosplaying, but i love the lightning and the angle this Cosplay Photo was taken, Kojima always did great photograph (like i said, i'm not sure its was taken by Kojima :D), i like first picture, Koyuki look great with perfect expression ^^. well...thanks to cosrain, Kojima, and Una to made this cool cosplay photograph.

Final Fantasy Serah Farron Cosplay

Serah Farron is one of the supporting characters in Final Fantasy XIII, and is the younger sister of Lightning and Snow's fiancée, Serah spends just as much time worrying about her elder sister'swell-being as Lightning does Serah's (I think it upside down ^^).sarah was eighteen years old and have the appearance of Same pink Tint of hair That Lightning has, She ties her hair into a pony tail on the left side of her head, much like how Lightning's hair is draped over her left shoulder, sarah has a very mature personality and always act wisely, She loves Snow and is willing to do anything to protect him, even if it meant Trying to break up with him after she Becomes a l'Cie.

I love this Final Fantasy Cosplay Serah Farron, the cosplay photos look neat and nice to see, and the cosplayer name of this Final Fantasy Cosplay Serah Farron is Kotori, I've posted her cosplay photo  before, and I think she has a face that fits with Serah Farron which I imagine, and i love her wig too, that really nice wig That look like real hair and very similar to the Serah Farron Hair, and I don't know who the cosplayer with That lightning costume (she's facing the rear ^^"), i got this Final Fantasy Cosplay Serah Farron from Cosplay.Lightchan.com, i love that site, you can see another cool cosplay photo there :D, great Cosplay! 

Final Fantasy Cloud Cosplay by Kaname

This is cosplay from Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, 2005 computer-animated Japanese science fiction film directed by Tetsuya Nomura, Developed by Visual Works and Square Enix, Advent Children was the first-Announced title in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII series, this Final Fantasy VII Advent Children plots start from two years after Cloud defeated Sephirot, who tried to destroy the world by using the meteor that caused the city of Midgar was Destroyed, He is attacked by three guys named, Kadaj, Loz, andYazoo-who believe Cloud has hidden That Their "mother". Kadaj ends the battle when That Cloud discovers he does not have her, this is amazing 3D animation on Advent Children, i always like the Final Fantasy series ^^.

Its really amazing Final Fantasy Cloud Cosplay by Kaname, yea the cosplayer name behind this amazing  cosplay photo is Kaname, I've posted cloud cosplay before, and i saw many the cloud cosplay photo on the Internet or in cosplay event, but I think this Final Fantasy Cloud Cosplay by Kaname was the most fitting and most cool Cloud cosplay, (actually there is many cool cloud cosplay) but I prefer this Final Fantasy Cloud Cosplay by Kaname ^^. Kaname has very fit posture as Cloud, and That was stunning cosplay costume has been made ​​very-well, and i love the lightning and bacground of this Cosplay photo too, its amazing >.<, i got this amazing cosplay photo from Cosplay.Lightchan. com, dont forget to visit there :3, AMAZING! >.<

Amazing Misaka Mikoto Cosplay by Saya

I have post Mikoto Misaka cosplay by Midori Kanda before, and now I have Mikoto Misaka by Saya, Misaka Mikoto is the son of a wealthy businessman, and she is the son of millionaires from To aru Majutsu no Index anime, even that Misaka Mikoto grew up as a regular girl and normal typical childhood, and when Misaka Mikoto was young, she had realized her power who can control electricity, she was discovered to be a Level 1 Electromaster, Mikoto attends Tokiwadai Middle School, a famous girls' school for the rich and elite psychics and one of the five elite schools of Academy City. I want to possess the power of Psychic too >.<, I think not too bad if I can control the electric power ^^.

Well, i rally love this Amazing Mikoto Misaka Cosplay by Saya, besides Saya is one of my favorite cosplayer, I also love the background of this Amazing Mikoto Misaka Cosplay by Saya, the background of the sky, really made ​​this cosplay photo very cool, nice angle shot! and as a fan of Saya I feel Saya quite fit as Mikoto Misaka on my mind, she has fit posture and cute face too ^^ (i guess everybody agree with me >.<). so ... don't forget to visit the original site of this cosplay photo in Cosplay.Lightchan.com, (actually I do not know that the original site or not ^^") but I get this picture from there. but check That out!

To Aru Majutsu no Index Cosplay Photos

This is another cosplay photo from Midori Kanda cosplay, this character name is Index, she is one of the main heroines girl character and the titular character of the series, and has a full name Index Librorum Prohibitorum ("List of prohibited Books"), the index is a girl 14-year-old with a thigh-length, silvery-blue hair with very white skin and large green eyes, the Walking Church, that prevents any injury on her, but it is later Destroyed by Toma when she Touched it with his right hand, the which is why her uniform is stitched with golden pins, she has a body and a cute face ^^.

Yea the cosplayer name is Midori Kanda, one of the most exis cosplayer that I know ^ ^, she was also one of my favorite cospayer, she always looks good with any kind of cosplay character, and I think one plus point of Midori Kanda cosplay is, her expression, like in this To Aru Majutsu no Index Cosplay photo, she has great expression that is represented characteristic of the Index character, in addition to her costume cosplay Index has been created with very well too, and also I'm very love with the lighting of the this To Aru Majutsu no Index Cosplay Photos, Which is dominant with the purple color, it looks shine of index aura ^^. well i got this To Aru Majutsu no Index Cosplay Photos from Cosplay.Lightchan.com, please Visit the original site to see another cool cosplay :D photo, GJ!

The iDOLM@STER Cosplay Ritsuko Akizuki by Chamaro

This is great The iDOLM@STER Cosplay Ritsuko Akizuki by Chamaro, iDOLM@STER or in the Japanese language writing (Aidorumasutā) is an arcade game that has also been adapted into an anime series with the title Idolmaster : Xenoglossia, and the game is released exclusively in Japan by Namco (or become Namco Bandai Games now) on July 26 2005. and was released on the Xbox 360 on January 25 2007, Ritsuko Akizuki is a beautiful girl who is smart and she also has a cool personality, but Ritsuko Believes in theory more than her own inner strength. In game Ritsuko usually identical to the green color with keeps her hair in two modest and also glasses that never her released though with any costume, unless when she is wearing piamas ^^.

Well, Chamaro always impress me with her cosplay photos, without have to wear opens costume "Risky costume" she always looks nice and is also fitted with Custume character she played, as well as this great The iDOLM@STER Cosplay Ritsuko Akizuki by Chamaro, I think Chamaro quite fit and very similar to Ritsuko Akizuki what I imagine, everything looks fit here except the part of her .... (no offence just my opinion >.<), but That the most I love from this The iDOLM@STER Cosplay Ritsuko Akizuki by Chamaro is her Haircut, it's really very similar to the Ritsuko Akizuki hair, and I guess that's not a wig. Oww ... i took this cosplay photographs from Cosplay.Lightchan.com, so please visit That site to see another cool cosplay photograph! Great Cosplay photographs!

Evangelion - Awesome Asuka Cosplay Photography

This is another Asuka Cosplay Photography, I've posted Asuka and Rei Ayanami cosplay before, and now I found another Awesome Asuka Cosplay Photography, well ... Asuka is one of the main character in Evangelion she is a 14-year old Fictional character from the NeonGenesis Evangelion franchise, and she is the pilot of Evangelion Unit 02, Asuka is a cute girl which born and grew up in Germany, when Asuka is four years old, she participates in a contact experiment with Unit 02, Asuka has red hair and very proud to be a pilot Evangelion, and her high opinion of her appearance. She is shown to have a strong need to be self-sufficient and intrusive of other people's space, especially Shinji's. I thinkEvangelion anime version is much better looking than the manga ^^".

Yesterday, when I was looking for Evangelion wallpaper accidentally I found this Evangelion - Asuka Cosplay Awesome Photography, yea, there is no other word than Awesome, the cosplayer name behind this cosplay photo is KaguyaxHime, I found this picture of her deviantART ID (i mean this photo by Beethy Dev ID), i love everything here, everythink look cool on this Evangelion - Asuka Cosplay Awesome Photography, the KaguyaxHime look fit well with Asuka and has very similar face with Asuka, and besides that I also like the background of this cosplay photos, with soft lightning and also darker shades really makes this photocosplay look alive and to convey Asuka feeling :D, and That Rei Ayanami cosplay by Mijiko, They both look great n cute ^^. Great Job!

Macross Frontier : Sheryl Nome Cosplay

This is nice Macross Frontier : Sheryl Nome Cosplay, actually I did not really follow this Macross Frontier anime series, so I'll explained this Sheryl Nome character with the resources I got from Wikipedia ^^, Known as the "Galactic Fairy", Sheryl Nome is a pop idol from Macross Galaxy fleet who Constantly tops music charts, leading people to say That it was impossible not to hear her songs if you lived in this galaxy, Due to her beauty and singing talent, she is a very proud and self-assured person, Sheryl recognizes the singing talent of ranka Lee and Often offers to help her 'behind the scenes' to Realize her dream of singing. -Via-Wikipedia-

Well, ummm ... I'm a little confused what to say about this Macross Frontier : Sheryl Nome Cosplay, cos, I don't know for certain characteristics and her personality, but I think Mizuho Nomura look right as Sheryl Nome is a pop-idol, in this Macross Frontier : Sheryl Nome Cosplay Mizuho Nomura looks very hot and cute in that pink bikini, i guess every guys will like to see this cosplay photo, (I don't know Sheryl Nome ever wear a bikini like ^^ that) but that not a point here, when comparing this Sheryl Nome Cosplay by Mizuho Nomura with Sheryl Nome image on the internet, they look similar and both are pretty ^^", so I guess Mizuho it fits as Sheryl Nome!

I got this cosplay photo from Cosplay.Lightchan.com, so please note, i post this photo without intending to claim as mine, and dont forget to visit the original site :D, ow yea, if there is an objection to his cosplay photo posted on this MyAnimegirls blog, please e-mail me, I will respond that ASAP. OK!! i love cosplay ^^!! And I love Girls Generation \(^o^)/ too (just want to said that Lol :D hehehe). 

Pokemon Cosplay Cute Kamitsure Cosplay Photography

Here is this, the another Pokemon Cosplay photo, the caharacter name is Kamitsure (well. .. still not sure about That :D), I think Akmitsure is the Japanese name of this character, while for the English version of this character name is Elesa, Elesa/Kamitsure is the Gym Leader of Nimbasa City's Gym of the Unova region, and her specializes in Electric-type Pokemon, players will meet her and challenge her at fourth Gym fight, and will get a Bolt Badge if player successfully defeat her, she also has a nickname Shining Beauty and actually this Kamitsure character design has inspired by American models.

Well, I guess I don't have another word on this Cute Pokemon Cosplay Kamitsure Cosplay Photography, besides Grattttt cosplay! The cosplayer, Kamitsure cosplay costume, and That pokemon doll has made ​​this cosplay photo look cool >.<, the cosplayer name of this Pokemon Cosplay Cute  Kamitsure Cosplay Photography is Yuzu Inumachi, (I think this is the first time I post her cosplay ), and that cosplay costume has been made ​​with very good and very similar to the original costume, i got this great Pokemon Cosplay Cute Kamitsure Cosplay Photography from Cosplay.Lightchan.com, so dont forget to visit the original site ^^.I love this cosplay!

Pokemon Black & White Cosplay Leaf

After two days I can't update my post because of sickness, now I have another Pokemon Black & White Cosplay photography, this character name is Leaf (I'm not sure xD), this Leaf character has a  green basic design in Pokemon Adventures, Leaf is the main girl character in this Pokemon Black & White, but She has many optionally names, with the default being "Leaf" (you can change her name when playing this game Pokemon Black & White as you wish) I Want To play this game but still no time >.<.

Well, i really love this Pokemon Black & White Cosplay Leaf by Mizuho Nomura (yea the cosplayer behind this cute Pokemon cosplay is Mizuho Nomura), everything looks cool and cute here, the cosplayer has cute face and I think quite suitable as a leaf :D, actually nothing too complicated from this Leaf cosplay costume, but the good point on this Pokemon Black & White Cosplay Leaf is the cosplayer and the stuff she used here :D, thats looks cute and fluffy (especially that pokemon doll), owww, i got this cute Pokemon Black & White Cosplay photo from Cosplay.lightchan.com, dont forget to go visit there ^o^, great!!!

Pokemon Black & White Cosplay Fuuro

Now I've Pokemon Black & White Cosplay Fuuro by Kotori, Pokemon Black & White is a RPG (Role-Playing-Game) is developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS, I myself have never played it, i love the Pokemon anime series since I was a kid :D, and this Pokemon Black & White First released in Japan on September 18, 2010, Fuuro (or also called Skyla) is a leader in the city Unova Gym, specialisasi fuuro are Flying-type Pokemon, and when player beat him, furro will award the player the Jet Badge, I've played pokemon in my HP N-Gage, and it was pretty fun ^ ^.

The cosplayer name is Kotori, she was look good on this Pokemon Black & White Cosplay Fuuro by Kotori with well-made ​​cosplay costume, well ... actually Kotori does not fit well with existing Fuuro image in my head, probably because kotori look too mature for me, but although Kotori does not fit well as Fuuro what I imagine, she still has managed to make very cool Pokemon Black & White Cosplay Fuuro, I got this Cosplay Photo from Cosplay.lightchan.com, please visite the original site to see another cool cosplay photo, nice cosplay!

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