Beautiful Yukishiro Tomoe Cosplay from Rurouni Kenshin

Beautiful Yukishiro Tomoe Cosplay
tomoe is a lover of Hitokiri Battousai, they first met when Tomeo come home, and accidentally saw Battousai was killing someone (in fact I was a bit forgot with the story of this Rouroni Kenshin anime  ^^", so if I'm wrong please in justified), and than Battousai take tomoe to his place, because she is a witness who can not be tolerated, but with time they like each other and fall in love xD, actually a nostalgic Anime.

I watch this anime since I was in elementary school, Rurouni Kenshin Anime movie really very cool, and sometimes I like to imitate the movements and jutsu of battosai in my class, and hit my classmate with a ruler Lol. I've got this Beautiful Yukishiro Tomoe Cosplay  pictures has been a long time, but always forget to post it. I liked the first picture, it is very similar and suited to my imagine tomoe ever. she was very pretty, not surprisingly, a sloughter like Hitorkiri Battousai fell in love with her >.<. although in the end he kills Tomeo! Beautiful Yukishiro Tomoe Cosplay!

Great Hirako Shinji Bleach Cosplay

Great Hirako Shinji Bleach Cosplay
Hirako Shinji is the leader of the visored, and in fact he is a former captain of the  5th Division shinigami, I feel a little hard to find a Great Hirako Shinji Bleach Cosplay, considering, Shinji Hirako having a unique appearance (especially his smile), and I think this is two the best picture of the Hirako Shinji Bleach Cosplay that I ever found, so I decided to post that here ^^.

I found this picture from, but I do not find any information on who the person behind this Great Hirako Shinji Bleach Cosplay, I think this picture looks very similar and very fit as sinji, they have the same smile, and more importantly I think there is  no touch of photoshop or any photo effects in this picture, they're really similar. I guess they are brother ^^ ". This cosplay photo is cool. (though I do not like the Shinji character in the anime) but I like this Great Hirako Shinji Bleach Cosplay. Greaatt job!

Perfect Bleach Shihouin Yoruichi Cosplay

Perfect Bleach ShihouinYoruichi Cosplay 
this another  Perfect Cosplay of Shihouin Yoruichi from Bleach , I've posted photos of Yoruichi Cosplay before, and now I have three more cool Cosplay pictures from Bleach Yoruichi Shihouin Cosplay, first appearance in the bleach anime Yoruichi Shihouin is a sexy black cat >.<, well i mean she looks sexy when she turned into a hot girl.

I liked the character Shihouin Yoruichi as I like to Soi-Fon, they look cool, when can move at high speed like flash, which is impossible to do that by ordinary people (more precisely, it is impossible done by humans in the real world lol), and this Cool Bleach Yoruichi Shihouin Cosplay it cool for sure, i mean, look at the cosplayer ... she's very fit as Shihouin Yoruichi, she was black and hot, very fit with Shihouin Yoruichi who is on my mind, it perfect!!

World Of Warcraft Cosplay Beautiful Elf

World Of Warcraft Cosplay beautiful elf cosplay
for fans of World of Warcraft or any  fantasy game lovers, must be familiar with such thing as elves, mythical creatures, which I think they always look beautiful (except for male elves lol). World Of Warcraft Cosplay beautiful elves, I find this in cosfantasy, as usual there I did not found a massive name of the cosplayer, or other information concerning who the real owner of the image of this World Of Warcraft Cosplay >.<.

this World Of Warcraft Cosplay picture is very looks neat, though not many photo effects but she look very fit as Elf, and I hope to find the name of the cosplayer, and who the photographer of this picture, well ... lately, I often found a cosplay picture is not included any information about whos the cosplayer behind that.

Amazing Jigoku Shoujo Ai Enma Cosplay

Amazing Jigoku Shoujo Ai Enma Cosplay
Jegoku Shoujo could also mean the girl from hell, in Japan itself already releases in the live movie version, and Enma Ai (Main Character) played by Sayuri Iwata, and the anime is also quite popular in Canada and the United States, under license from Sentai Filmwork, and inproduction by Aniplex and Den Studio, the same studio who worked on theGet Backers anime .

Well, actually I do not know at all with the Jigoku Shoujo Anime, I just know this anime when viewing Amazing Photo of Jigoku Shoujo Ai Enma Cosplay, cosplay photo looks very similar to the original Enma Ai, by looking at this picture, we can feel the atmosphere inside the picture, even we can feel of Enma Ai feeling ^^. I know this photo is filled with photo effects, even at first I think this is a 3D image *lol*. this Amazing Jigoku Shoujo Ai Enma Cosplay absolutely amaze me >. <, graaattt work!!

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Dynasty Warrior Cosplay : Beautiful Diao Chan Cosplay

Dynasty Warrior Cosplay : Beautiful Diao Chan Cosplay 
Dynasty Warriors is one of my favorite games, and now I play Dynasty Warrior Online from Aeria games, Diao is a subordinate female characters from Dong Zuo and love of Lu Bu, Diao very pretty 19-year-old woman  with a height 168 cm (5'6 ") and she's a dancing maiden in the kingdom Dong Zuo.

This Dynasty Warrior Cosplay I found from Cosfantasy, and I think the site was not updated anymore since 2009, beautiful Diao Chan Dynasty Warrior Cosplay, and very fitting with the image of a  beautiful Dance Maiden Diao Chan, unfortunately I did not find any cosplayer name, and the original owner of this Dynasty Warrior Cosplay photo.great work!! >.< i hope i can find another her photo.

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Naruto Cosplay of Sakura Haruno Cute Cosplay

Naruto Cosplay of Sakura Haruno Cute Cosplay 
I've posted Naruto Cosplay : Sakura Haruno cosplay before, but for the image of Sakura Haruno, the picture there is does't appear, and now I have another Naruto Cosplay of Sakura Haruno Cute Cosplay, in the anime, I'm more curious about the feelings of Sakura Haruno since sasuke left them I think Sakura Haruno began to open her heart for Naruto, actually I also hope that Naruto will be with Hinata in the end :D.

This Naruto Cosplay of Sakura Haruno Cute Cosplay, I found the picture on Flickr ( and i did not find the name of the cosplayer. there are some nice cosplay photos from Sakura Haruno too, I think she is very fitting as Sakura Haruno.even less of fierce impression ^^". and this picture is very neat, thx for photograper. great cosplay!

Death Note : Misa Amane Cosplay by Kipi

Death Note : Misa Amane Cosplay by Kipi
This is another coplay of other my favorite cosplayer Kipi, I've post a cosplay of Amane Misa before, but with a random cosplayer, and now I have a picture Misa Amane cosplay by Kipi, Amane Misa is the famous actress, model and singer, in the Anime Death Note, Ithink it would be difficult if you have to cosplay as Misa Amane, and Kipi looks very suitable as Misa Amane.

In addition to the Kipi, I feel Alodia "Edjie" Gosiengfiao also very fitting as Amane Misa (because I'm fans of both lol), but I think it look more fitting Kipi as Misa Amane, cos Misa Amane is Japanese Actresst (i mean, Japan in the anime ^^), its awesome cosplay. I guess I'll post the cosplay from Alodia "Edjie" Gosiengfiao later.

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